A Quiet, Happy Christmas

rollerboard & trolley

We had a low-key family Christmas, with only our friend Mike joining us this year. However it was all cheerful and satisfying, from the fire in the fireplace (I brought home some cherry logs I’d split last summer) to the usual feast: a roasted homegrown bird, stuffing, creamed onions, mint peas, sweet potatoes, warm bread, and homemade pecan pie with fresh ice cream.

(Maybe someday I can grow the vegetables, too. For now I was pleased, in my capacity as both butcher and chef, to be able to pluck a tiny overlooked pin feather moments before serving.)

Everyone seemed happy with their presents: for DH and me, lots of used books. For Jon, used books plus some necessities like shoes and groceries. For Lucy, assorted wool art supplies and cross-country ski gear, including a 10-foot rollerboard I built for her out of scraps. Years ago I had built one for DH. The idea is that the skier lies on his belly on a trolley and strengthens his arm muscles by pulling his weight up a slope.

Lucy’s rollerboard is built out of spare 2x4s covered by some extra backing from the apartment’s kitchen cabinets. The trolley is cushioned with a square of carpet left over from furnishing her doll house many years ago. DH supplied the handles from old climbing slings. Its always fun for me to use such “nothings” to create something.

Above is Lucy testing it in her pajamas. Later she went cross-country skiing with her dad and later still, she and Jon did another tour by head-lamp.

It was a happy, quiet, beautiful day.

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