It Was Rain, *Sigh*

Conditions started out favorably — it was snowing hard at evening chores last night — but soon disintegrated into sleet and, finally, rain. DH and Lucy listened gloomily to the downpour drumming on the skylights after supper. It rained all night. By dawn the ground was bare.

However this morning the temperature plummeted like a stone, from 38° F to 16° F, the change accompanied by more stinging sleet and high winds. Here’s Fee nursing Katika in the blowing ice at 8 AM.

You could see the wind carrying curtains of tiny pellets, an undulating frozen mist.

Now the sleet has turned to snow. We are not expected to get much. The temperature is still dropping and it is due to fall below zero tonight. However DH, my mountain man, is so desperate for snow on his brief vacation that he stands at the windows, gazing out hopefully.

He says, “Maybe we’ll get a half inch and I can ski.”

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