Blessings of 2011

When I think of the year past, I tend to remember it in “episodes,” each different, all starring the wonderful people who helped me on the farm. The time I glanced up to see that Allen was trundling a 20-foot balsam to the cabin for transplanting. The time D helped me chase the pigs in the rain. The time the bank loan stalled and O.B. looked at my face in alarm, saying, “Don’t cry, now, dear!”

Not every moment of the year was perfect but most of it was happy. And a number of these people have become good friends. I am blessed.

I thought it would be fun to review “the cast of 2011.” (Dennis, who just started, technically should be on this list, but mentally I’ve filed him in the new year.) Click any photo to enlarge.

This morning Larry emailed to say, “Happy New Year, Old Lady.” And happy New Year to you all.


O.B., contractor

Matt, plumber

Tony, electrician

Babs, conscript

Larry, horseman

Roger, shearer

Leon, operator

Allen, operator extraordinaire

Fred, friend of Allen, helper

David, vet

Luke, jack of all work

Alex, high school helper

Rick, hay man

Mike, very patient mechanic

Dallas, conscript

D, operator and mechanic

Alison, chore coverer and cow blood tester

Tom, chore coverer

Thank you, thank you, one and all, for a fine 2011.

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