The Snow Gods Relent

Over the weekend it turned so mild and rainy that the farm driveway dissolved into a mire. Wherever you went in our tourist town, people could only talk about one thing: the warm weather. The continuing lack of snow has been devastating to our local economy.

Saturday DH took Lucy to a children’s paintball biathlon race held at the foot of the Olympic ski jumps, on man-made (and rapidly melting) snow. She had a lot of fun shooting at targets, but it wasn’t real skiing.

That night DH decided he couldn’t take it any more. Vacation was almost over and still no snow! Sunday morning he drove Lucy and two of her friends to Vermont, and they all cross-country skied on backwoods trails at the Trapp Family Lodge for the day. Notice Lucy is in shirt sleeves. Spring skiing for New Year’s!

Yesterday, however, the temperature here dipped the crucial two degrees below freezing, and we got 3-4″ of fresh powder. The snow seems to be confined to our small ridge directly under the mountains; the towns on either side have only a dusting. But DH and Lucy are very happy.

This morning it was -6° below zero again. Fingers crossed that winter is really here.


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