I had a colonoscopy Friday afternoon. Now, there’s a fun date on life’s schedule! However it’s all done and that should be the last of the middle-age maintenance appointments for a while.

The good news is, everything appears fine. I have several friends who are struggling with cancer or other health problems and I know how lucky I am. When the anesthesiologist was going over my health history in the operating room and I answered that I had no allergies, and no, no, no, to all the potential complications, he murmured, ticking off boxes, “That’s what I like: low maintenance.” “Yes,” I said, “if I were a cow you’d call me an easy keeper.”

The other good news is that in preparation I was able to move several big items off my to-do list. Opie’s horns have been burned, and though done late they look fine. The heavy deep bedding has been mucked from the sheep stall (it took me four days). The sheep have been wormed. I’m late with CD/T vaccinations as well but I hope to get to those tomorrow. By Friday I should have the lamb creep set up.

Since I put my ram Cadbury in with the ewes September 9, I could have lambs any day now. According to my notes, I first saw a ewe bred September 17. The gestation calendar (always just an estimator) tells me those lambs should arrive this weekend. Of course it’s all a crap shoot, as I saw not a single other ewe bred and yet within a month the rest of the ewes had tell-tale crayon marks on their rumps. Meanwhile my ewe Raspberry was never marked definitively — only a smudge, which could have been accidental — so she is a wild card.

The next four weeks will be busy. I’m glad to be finished with my own appointments.


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