Setting Moon

It’s been a full or nearly full moon for the past week. DH and I have a skylight over our bed and the brightness has waked me every morning by 2 or 3 AM, shining on my eyelids like an interrogation spotlight. As I can rarely return to sleep, I just get up.

On Wednesday I did chores a little early, at 6:30, so I’d have time to shower before driving Lucy to Vermont. The big yellow moon was sliding down the western horizon over the barn. I jumped out of my truck to try to take a photo, but with the flash turned off my little camera cannot focus. Argh! The sight of the moon hanging in the dark blue sky was so beautiful I longed for someone to share it with.

Into my head popped the lines from the first chapter of Charlotte’s Web, when Fern’s big brother Avery asks if he can have a piglet, too.

“No, I only distribute pigs to early risers,” said Mr. Arable. “Fern was up at daylight, trying to rid the world of injustice. As a result, she now has a pig. A small one, to be sure, but nevertheless a pig. It just shows what can happen if a person gets out of bed promptly.”

I guess God only distributes setting moons to early risers.


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