Cold Again

This morning it is 13° F. The weather turned cold again over the weekend and now is more typical of the season: snow, rain, wind, mud, ice. I think my blood thinned over the unexpected week of summer temperatures — or all my hats and gloves and extra jackets fell to the back of my locker and I’ve been slow to remember to dig them out. I’ve shivered at chores for the last few days. With numb hands I broke the thick ice on the paddock trough and reconnected the water heater.

I believe the return to sugaring weather (very cold nights, days just above freezing) is too late for the local maple sugarers. Last week the forest poplars all exploded into pale yellow torches of early leaves. The sap will surely run in the maple trees but I suspect the taste will be off due to the swelling buds.

I am doing a lot of driving this week, fetching school children returning from vacation from the Albany airport and train station (and taking my own children to Burlington tomorrow for the dentist). I am not sorry to miss the blustery weather and I’m glad to make a few extra dollars to put toward my projects.

I left the sheep and lambs inside yesterday in the sleet. I’m not afraid of cold for the lambs, but wet cold and wind seems too big a risk when I’m gone for the day. Today there will be no snow or rain so they will bounce outside again.

Though I don’t enjoy the accompanying dark skies, we need snow or rain. This area is actually experiencing a drought. There is a burn ban in effect across these northern New York counties. This is unheard of in spring in the soggy, boggy Adirondacks. Watching the continuing strange weather, I can’t help but feel uneasy.

One Response to Cold Again

  1. jean says:

    It’s called “global warming” or “climate change”. Some people call it “global weirding”, because it makes the weather weird. Get used to it.

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