We had a family emergency over the last few days which suddenly bumped everything else off the schedule.

I’m pretty good in a certain sort of crisis. Qualities that in normal life are rather wearing for others around me — intense focus, tunnel vision, and unflagging drive — are now helpful. I just shut off my emotions and problem-solve minute by minute. On the outside, for the most part I can pretend a certain calm.

However the emotions are, of course, still there underneath, roiling away. I have been hugely thankful for the loving support I’ve received. My two sisters and my two girlfriends who are almost like sisters have been available to listen and occasionally to prompt. (Alison has repeatedly reminded me, “Remember to eat!”) The man I’ve been teaching to read heard of the crisis. He’d learned how to text just before Christmas and now sent me a message:  I HER IF U NED ME. They’ve all been there when I needed them and I’ve been so touched and grateful.

Things are calmer now and Luke and I are back to working on the barn addition. Our predicted sunny skies and temperatures in the 40s have been replaced by temperatures in the 20s and blowing snow, but after the last few days, dealing with problems so basic is almost a relief.

3 Responses to HER IF U NED ME

  1. Jen Park says:

    Everyone ok? Happy Easter!

  2. viki barney says:

    Selden- can I do anything? Are you ok?

  3. Missy says:

    Hi Selden. Haven’t seen any new posts for a while, hope you’re going ok, enjoying the beginning of spring. Missy.

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