Pigs in Mud Blankets

It has been very hot. 90° F yesterday and due to be 90° again today. This is unseasonable for June in the Adirondacks. Two or three times a day I’ve stopped working outside to change my socks, underwear, t-shirt, and baseball cap because they are wet with sweat.

I have been very concerned for my sheep in their heavy wool coats, and have brought the cows and horse into the dark of the barn during the day. It is not much cooler inside but at least they are out of the direct blaze of the furnace and safe from the worst of the biting flies.

For the pigs I have created wallows. Pigs can’t sweat so they lower their temperature by covering themselves in cool mud.

As the pig pen is in the back acres, I truck the water out to the pigs twice a day and gravity-feed it from a hose off my tailgate.

They love this. As the water seeps into the ground, the boys all begin to squirm for the best places. Usually they think their brother has it. They will pile on top of each other until someone moves, grunting and squealing.

Ahhhh! Cool water! Luscious mud!

There is nothing like it.

Five boys in a mud bath.

On a hot day, happiness is a pig in mud.


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