Let the Hurricane Roar

In Laura Ingalls Wilder’s famous Little House series, her father, Charles “Pa” Ingalls, has a favorite hymn which he always sings during storms:

Let the hurricane roar

It will the sooner be o’er

We’ll weather the blast

And land at last

On Canaan’s happy shore!

I have never heard this hymn but I’ve read Laura’s books so many times over the years, I think I have. Yesterday before the storm hit I was hauling sixteen-foot wire panels through the mud as the wind whipped at me and I found myself smiling. OK, Pa. We’ll weather the blast!

I wasn’t absolutely sure my barn paddock fencing was coyote-tight so I had decided to pen the sheep inside the run-in shelter, which is, in turn, inside the fence. Cattle panels, steel t-posts, and baling twine did the trick. The sheep mostly cared about the hay.

By 5 PM it was raining hard. The cattle and Lucy’s horse Birch were happy to come in from the wet to eat their supper in box stalls bedded with dry shavings.

Katika gobbled her grain with her usual gusto and then sighed and settled down to munch hay as rain drummed on the metal roof and the heavy doors banged in the wind. There is nothing so calming as the sound of contented animals chewing hay.

Her calf Dorrie watched from her spot curled up in the calf stall.

The geese came in, fussing and gabbling. I counted my chickens. I checked on the cat. Everyone was safe and, though streaming with water, soon would be dry. I felt unaccountably cheerful. I turned out the lights and pulled the big doors tight.

Let the hurricane roar!

*    *   *

Later: We were lucky. Though we lost power nearly a dozen times over 36 hours, each black-out only lasted about a half hour. The storm brought rain and high winds, broken branches and cartwheeling loose belongings, but here in upstate New York we are safe. My thoughts are with friends and family in the city and the surrounding counties who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.


One Response to Let the Hurricane Roar

  1. Melanie in California says:

    So glad to know you and yours weathered The Great Storm as well as you did. Although I’m on the far side of the country, I send good thought to my favorite bloggers (you’re all back east agrarians) whenever inclement weather is predicted.

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