It’s Beginning to Feel A Lot Like…

… winter! Though we haven’t had more snow, for the past week our nights have been below 10° F and our days in the low 40s. After last year’s dismally warm and snow-less winter, devastating to our area’s ski economy, the local mountain has started making snow in hopes of opening some runs for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Yesterday they opened a single lift and DH took Lucy and her friend Anabell over for a very cheap day of early telemark skiing.

I am not a skier. My only contribution was to pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the gang.

Lucy and Anabell had a blast. They have been so busy in school that they have hardly seen each other recently. Both love the snow. When they were younger they used to build igloos.

The girls were so happy and inspired that when DH dropped them off at Anabell’s house at the end of the day they decided to decorate Anabell’s room with Christmas lights and dress for the upcoming season.

Meanwhile I am hurrying to finish projects, tighten fencing, and clean up around the farm before the cold and snow shut me down entirely. Already the pile of topsoil I had planned to move is frozen rock-hard and will have to wait until spring.


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