Gravel Delivery


Yesterday afternoon I got a delivery of twenty tons of crusher run — the local name for road mix gravel. I just squeaked the delivery under the wire. Tomorrow the gravel pit closes for the season. Most of the heavy haulers have already washed their tandem trucks and put them away for winter. I got the name of a local man still working and with lots of telephoning was able to put the delivery together at the last minute.

It could only happen because we have been in a muddy thaw.


Normally at this time of year, gravel would be deep under ice.

However last night it snowed, and starting tonight the evening temperatures are due to fall back into the teens. This is good news for the frustrated skiers in the family but increases the pressure on me.


All of this gravel must be moved today or it will become a topographical feature for the winter. It must all be shoveled and dumped inside and down the length of the barn addition, leveling the ground along all thirty-two feet.

I have my fingers crossed that Donald and Stephen will each be able to help me shovel for a few hours.

Otherwise by tonight I am going to be whipped.

2 Responses to Gravel Delivery

  1. Noodles says:

    I wish we were there to help you, Sugar Lump.

    xoxo N.

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