Wind Storm

Yesterday I had a high fever and outside the wind was howling and lashing the trees. My fever gave me the strange feeling that I was moving underwater, unable to think.

I stumbled through morning chores and was driving out of the farm, ready to go back to bed, when I came upon a large dead spruce that had fallen across the driveway, blocking it entirely.

I stared at the tree stupidly. What to do? I own a chainsaw but I’m afraid of it even when my brain is firing on all cylinders.

I decided I needed to use my heavy chain to pull the tree out of the way. I turned the truck around and backed to the tree. Then I began rummaging in the truck for my chain.

I could not find it. I was ready to whimper. I didn’t have energy for this! I was sure I had left the chain in the truck for winter emergencies.

I drove slowly back to the farm garage to look for my chain.

DH was there. He saw me staggering around the garage and wondered what I was doing. I explained about the big fallen tree. It didn’t occur to me to ask him for help because in our family it is generally accepted that Dad is a brilliant man with zero practical skills around the house.

However he is a mountaineer.

“If you can’t find your chain, how about we use these slings?” DH held up half a dozen small loops of climbing webbing.

I looked at them blearily and couldn’t imagine how they would work.

“A girth hitch,” DH said. I had no idea what he was talking about.

“OK,” I said finally, giving up on my chain, and we drove back out to the tree. I switched the hitch on the truck and DH fooled with all his pieces of webbing as I sat in a feverish daze.

“Go ahead,” he said. I gunned the truck in four wheel drive. The big tree creaked and splintered and then began following the truck down the driveway. I was amazed.

I towed the tree all the way to the cabin, where I can burn it next summer. When I untied DH’s webbing and brought it back to the truck, I saw that my chain had been sitting on the passenger seat all along.

High fevers are no fun but it was comforting to have DH come to my rescue.


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