A Strenuous Holiday Season


This holiday has been tough, with first DH, then Lucy, and then me falling sick with flu and a high fever that clung for days. As we’ve coughed and staggered we have had to make and remake our plans to visit son Jon in Boston for Christmas. Yesterday we had a storm that dumped 18″ of snow. My skiers were delighted by the prospect of fresh powder — we got more snow yesterday than in all of last winter — but we were forced to put off our trip once again.

Now I am the only one still coughing and though very tired, I am on the mend. We hope to make a lightning trip to Boston some time in the coming week.



2 Responses to A Strenuous Holiday Season

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Hi selden, I’m glad your on the mend…That is a beautiful picture of your animals. It looks like a still life…..

    A Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you….

  2. I am not able to view your blogs any more. Is there something I am not aware of?

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