A Dash to Boston


Yesterday was a very long day — more than eleven hours in the car to achieve a five-hour visit with Jon, but we were all happy to make it at last. I had been so anxious about the drive and the changeable weather that I woke up to drink coffee and look at my lists at 2 AM. DH, Lucy, and I left home in falling snow at 4:30 AM with the car packed to the gills.

Jon recently moved to a very nice, bright, completely unfurnished room. We brought him an old chest of drawers, his TV, and his various appliances that have been in storage here. For Christmas Santa brought him a small carpet and some new yellow sheets.

With the advantage of the car and my ratchet straps we were able to visit a mattress store, where Jon bought himself a new mattress. We scored a console table at a thrift shop for $14 and Jon and Lucy ran through a dollar store to find cleaning supplies and table ware.

By the time we left,  the bones of the space were organized.


“Let’s see what Carol Merrill has behind door number one!”  DH and all of us had become a little punchy with tiredness.


But seeing my two kids laughing together was my very happiest present of the season.


Goodbye, 2012! Hello, 2013!


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