January Thaw


Over the last three days the temperatures soared, we had rain, and our snowpack dwindled alarmingly. More than two feet of snow ebbed away and now we have mud and great patches of ugly, dead-looking fields. What snow remains is dirty ice.

My skiers are disconsolate.

Now it is cold again. However DH has friends coming to ski for the holiday weekend, the big local cross-country ski race is the following weekend, and there is no snow. DH and Lucy are watching the forecast and the windows anxiously. Last winter was so terrible in terms of snow that most skiing events were cancelled. It is a bitter pill for them to think we might have had such promising conditions and yet end up with the same result.

I myself am mostly concerned on their behalf. As long as we have precipitation — our snowless winter last year was the start of a serious drought — it is less important to me if it is snow or rain. . . save, of course, the deeply worrying specter of global warming.

Historically we almost always have a brief January thaw. Hopefully we will soon be safely lapped in snow again.


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