Jaunt to West Point

photo-7Yesterday I packed a cooler with lunch, supper, and snacks, and DH, Lucy, and I drove down-state to see my niece Ashley compete for the Navy in the track championships at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

I found it very funny that I, a devotee of American history with a lifelong interest in Benedict Arnold, would finally visit West Point, the scene of his infamy… to watch a running race.

Poor DH and Lucy endured a long soliloquy on Benedict Arnold, West Point, the British officer and go-between Major John André, the illiterate thugs who mugged André for his socks and boots, thus discovering his secret papers, which they could not read but thought might bring them more money; Arnold’s escape in a rowboat, André’s request to be shot as a soldier and Washington’s decision to hang him as a spy, André’s charm and bravery, etc., etc…

Luckily for them the indoor track was small and we soon found Ashley.


Ashley was competing in two events, the women’s 4 x 400 relay and the women’s 800 meter. She did very well in both races. As she shot by, I screamed, “Go, Ash!” while DH attempted to catch her split times and Lucy tried to take her picture.


We were extremely proud when all the heats were completed and the scoreboard showed that Ashley had come in fourth overall in the 800 meter — particularly impressive as she was a freshman running against older girls. She won 4 points for Navy.

The coach spent twenty minutes chatting with us between races. She has her eye on Ashley’s younger sister and her younger brother, too.

It was fun after the races to hear Ash talk about the Navy and her future. She is currently thinking she might go into the Marines after she graduates from Annapolis.


I listened and tried not to let my mouth fall open. The Marines! What?!

In my mind, Ashley is still a little young for that.


Jon and Ashley, 1995

One Response to Jaunt to West Point

  1. Jane Wellker says:

    Wow, I love that picture!! I wish I could shrink her back up sometimes.. 🙂 Thank you again for going!

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