Bobby is Missing


My sweet young barn cat, Bobby Seal, is missing. I have not seen him in four days. I fear the worst. I feel sick.

The photo above was taken a week ago, on the first day I ever saw him venture outside the barn for more than a quick glance. I was so pleased for him. He had gained confidence and trust (and much needed weight) all winter. Though still easily startled and shy, he was such a love, always eager for petting. All I had to do was climb up into the hayloft and there he’d be, pacing the floor, wanting me to sit down to snuggle with him.

He had won over my cranky older female, Flossie — who went from grumbling and hissing and slapping at him with raking claws to pushing her head into his flank and purring.

I am going to check at the trailer park across the highway, but I’m afraid.


5 Responses to Bobby is Missing

  1. Jane Wellker says:

    I’m so sorry Selden. 😦

  2. Michele says:


  3. 3cows says:

    Hopefully Bobby has just gone visiting for a short while. My barn cat does that a few times each year, but always returns safe, but hungry!

  4. Angela White says:

    I am sorry to interrupt your post, and I am sorry about Bobby. (It does seem that cats do take vacations occasionally usually when they have found a neighbor with better food options) I found your blog when I was looking for information on mastitis. I have a doe (Nubian) who should have been dry as I didn’t breed her this season. And for whatever reason she has developed a HORRIBLE case of mastitis in one of her halves. Like you I haven’t been able to find much helpful information but right now she is my only doe and I have no desire to cull her. I was just wondering how your sheep turned out?? Did you learn/do anything that seemed to help? Right now I have treated her with long acting penicillin and (mistakenly) used the intramammary Tomorrow. (Probably should have used Today since I should keep emptying her??) Anyway I would sure appreciate any advice you would be willing to share and thank you so much.

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Hi Angela! I’m so sorry I didn’t see this earlier. My computer died and I’ve been away from my blog. In my experience goats have really different metabolisms and while the basics of mastitis treatment are probably the same from species to species, I would check out a goat-specific site, such as, for the particulars. GOOD LUCK! p.s. My ewe is fine today but has only one functioning teat. I will have to write up a post-script on her.

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