How Do You Spell Relief?

D.O.N.E. W.I.T.H. M.O.V.I.N.G.

The past ten days have been grueling: driving to Boston, moving my son Jon home, and then moving him downstate to Saratoga Springs. I have spent many hours grunting cartons and furniture, and even more behind the wheel of a car.

Because U-haul bollixed our truck rental, at the last minute DH and Lucy could not be involved with the heavy work as originally planned. Moreover because the rescheduled furniture move now coincided with the end of the school year and Lucy’s graduation, Jon and I were laboring under intense time pressure, racing back and forth to get home in time to watch her various drill team and play performances.

There was one terrible day last Friday when he and I carried a sectional sofa up the Saratoga building’s back fire escape in 90° F heat to his fourth floor walk-up. Each section took us half an hour to wiggle around all the interior fire doors and stair wells. In his room it was surely over 100°. By the end we were both completely soaked with sweat and had to lie down on the apartment floor to recuperate. (I promised Jon that when it came time to move out I would bring a Sawzall and carve up the battered old sofa into small chunks for the dump.)

Yesterday was a much easier day. Lucy and I and Jon drove the two hours down to Saratoga and arranged the dropped furniture, unpacked his boxes, hung his curtains, ran extension cords, and generally helped him move in.

By the time Lucy and I left, Jon was set up and happily eating a pizza supper at his little kitchen table. However I didn’t finish barn chores until almost 9:30 PM.

I am so grateful to have this big chore behind me.


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