The Water Wagon


Ten days ago, on our last sunny day, I got my five piglets out on grass. They were thrilled to root in the damp earth.

Notice the mulch hay bales blocking the route between the skids, so the piglets don’t wiggle underneath the Pig Palace and get stuck? I do learn, eventually.

This year’s Progress in Pig-raising is a water wagon.


When I made a big purchase last month, the seller threw in this worn and rusty wagon for free. “What do you want that old piece of junk for?” grumbled my friend D, who kindly trucked it home for me.

A water wagon!

The wagon is far from road-worthy but works perfectly to hold a 325-gallon water tank (which I also got for free, five years ago, because it had been hit and cut by a plow blade and now only holds 200 gallons).


This new set-up means that I only have to truck water to the pigs once a week, and after that there is a plentiful supply of fresh water to re-fill their tub whenever I am passing.  (I only need to find a ten-foot scrap of hose to leave permanently in the pasture.)

The piglets approve!


I spend so many hours a day tending to mindless chores, real improvements to my systems are always heartening.


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