Jon’s Birthday!


Yesterday Lucy and DH competed in a 3.5 mile race up and over a mountain, while I baked a tiny vegan cake from a recipe I found on the internet. (I actually baked the cake twice. The first time I forgot the baking soda! My chickens enjoyed the resulting chocolate rubber pancake.)

After the race I picked up my runners and we headed downstate to see Jon and celebrate his birthday.

Jon’s new apartment is conveniently located in the center of town. Together we walked to an Indian restaurant, where we happily over-ate.


As we walked back to Jon’s apartment, we all declared ourselves “too full to eat any more” — but naturally, with the appearance of cake and ice cream, we all tucked in anyway.


This indulgence led to sleepiness reminiscent of Thanksgiving. I lay down on Jon’s bed. (I’m pointing to a reading light I’d wired for him earlier.)


DH stretched out on the twin guest bed.


Unfortunately, all too soon it was time to leave for the drive home while we could still prop our eyelids open.

Happy birthday to my Number One Son!



One Response to Jon’s Birthday!

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Jon! Such a handsome young man…..

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