All Mowed


Allen finished the mowing yesterday. The entire seventeen open acres on the farm are mowed, save for the many ragged, rocky edges that I must clip with my lawn tractor, weedwhacker, and push mower.

I am very pleased. I am sure this marks the first time these acres have all been mowed since the 1920s or ’30s. Actually, judging from the litter of broken iron I turn up among the rocks, I’m not even convinced this land has ever all been mowed at one time.

Though I mowed almost all of it last year with my lawn tractor, this process is so slow that by the time I got any one field cleared the previous one would be overgrown with weeds and briars again.

Weeds are choking the fencelines and shorting my electric fences once more, but with the big mowing off my shoulders I should be able to clean these up in a week. I might even be able to start driving posts to fence in the back acres in the next fortnight.



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