Labor Day weekend and I am laboring. This has been a good summer, with a respectable amount of work accomplished, but the list is still long and time is running out.

Tuesday, Lucy and I visit Jon downstate; Wednesday, my new job for the school year starts; Friday, DH and I drive Lucy to her new school in New Hampshire. The hours are ticking by. Get it done, get it done, get it done! I am simultaneously burned out and too wired to sleep.

I hope in the interstices of the coming weeks I can put up some photographs. Last summer was so grueling in every dimension (family, farm, weather) that it left me with something like PTSD. This one was a welcome return to near-normal — apart from weekly trips out of town and lots of carpooling, it was mostly sweat, sunburn, and long hours of mowing, mucking, animal care, and work on projects new and old. Beneath the tiredness and sense of pressure, when I look around I’m actually pretty cheerful.

Off to chores!


2 Responses to Working!

  1. Jay Ward says:

    Where is Lucy going to school?

    We bring our Lucy to High Mowing in Wilton NH on Sunday

    Jay Ward


    Ward Lumber

    697 Glen Rd

    Jay, NY 12941

    518-946-2110 x141

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