With the clock change, my time to work outdoors on the farm is even shorter. Last night after work my friend D kindly brought me two truckloads of wood chips. The chips were free. I just paid for his gas.

Half a load (above) will mulch the 50 lilac whips I planted in the spring.

The rest will line the inside of the run-in shelter in the barn paddock. My friend Allen and I bedded the shelter in chips four years ago when we built it, and those first chips have all rotted away.


My hope is that the weather will cooperate and Allen can come out this weekend and, with my tractor, back-drag the old manure and duff out of the shelter and replace it with fresh chips. I plan to scatter the rotted material on the fields with my manure spreader.

D rumbled out of the barn paddock just as the sun went down over the treeline.


Within moments darkness fell.

These friends are so kind to me. I pray that in the few hours at my disposal I can get all these projects finished before winter.


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