If You Want to Make God Laugh…


Tell Him your plans.

Today through Sunday are planned hour by hour. I get up at 4 AM tomorrow, Saturday, do chores at 5, then leave for the slaughterhouse to pick up beef and pork. Five hours later I will be home to drive around with a dozen meat deliveries.

Meanwhile my friends D and Allen are coming to the farm with heavy equipment. That means hours of furious prep for me after I get out of work this afternoon, and then hours of shoveling gravel tomorrow afternoon. I will have to find the duct tape for my hands.

Sunday I am scheduled to have a hay delivery, mow weeds, mulch the lilacs, put away all my sheep fencing and shelters (still littering Betty’s pasture down the road three weeks after I brought the sheep home), and have two hours of teenaged help in the afternoon to clean up and put away bulky items around the barn.

My plan was that all of this would be accomplished before the predicted snow started Sunday evening. The forecast has changed. It’s snowing this morning. Gah!


One Response to If You Want to Make God Laugh…

  1. Nita says:

    So glad to see you posting again.

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