Still Pushing


Snowing this morning. Last night it was dark, windy, and sleeting after work when I finally had an hour to get all my fencing down and out of Betty’s field for the winter. My gloves and coveralls were soaked and frozen. Before rushing to evening chores, I unloaded and left the netting tumbled on the grass at the farm, to be rolled and tied today. Now it is frozen and icy. I will have to bundle it into the garage to melt the snow off this morning so I can tie it up this afternoon.

I did get the snow stakes into the ground alongside the driveway last night in the dark.

The great news is that Luke, the college student who has worked for me on and off since he was 15, wrote to say that he is coming home for the holiday and can work for a day or two next week. Thank you, God!

*    *    *

Later.  Fence netting is thawed but I did not get it rolled and tied this afternoon. I had to stay after school to do some work in my classroom for half an hour and by the time I got home and walked the dog, it was almost dark. It felt cold and dreary. There was a mean wind, carrying snow.

At the farm I mucked the barn and only did the usual chores. I noted to myself that the pile of sand I’d meant to shovel and move this past week is still unmoved, and is now frozen solid. Sigh.

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