She’s Home!

photo (2)

DH and Lucy went for their first ski together of the season yesterday. It was cold (a high of 10° F and fiercely windy) and the snow was thin but they were both happy. It is wonderful to have one of my chicks back under our roof.

Luke and I decided to wait a day to work. You would think I would have accomplished a lot of my home chores yesterday with the sudden gift of time, but I was so tired I seem to have wasted the day in a torpor, moving and thinking painfully slowly. Now I’ve had six hours of sleep and wish I had the day back.

It is -2° F today. I will be setting Luke up with jobs to do while I am teaching. (He is a terrific worker and very reliable on his own.) I think most of the tasks this morning will have to be indoors.

A storm of ice and snow is on its way for the holiday. I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility that we may not be able to get the siding on the addition next Friday and Saturday as I had planned. Even being able to dig post holes in the iron ground for the four door posts seems unlikely.

Meanwhile at school we are preparing for the big parent event of the year — as usual, there will be 300 people at the Thanksgiving feast — and I’m trying to get organized to teach four model classes in front of the crowd Wednesday afternoon. My son Jon and his girlfriend Amanda and her mother Judy arrive Wednesday morning, just as the storm is due.

It’s all good (so many blessings when I stop to count!) but it’s all busy and the storm is a worrying wild card.

I have to remind myself that the weather, at least, is out of my control.


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