Storm Moving In


It was chilly at chores yesterday morning. My computer said -2°F but a neighbor recorded -8°F. The cows had long white frosted whiskers from their breathing. Winter is definitely here.

A storm is on its way. Originally forecast as snow, today is thirty degrees warmer and now there is a possibility of rain, slush, and sleet. Though my skiers would be overjoyed by snow, I pray it holds off until next week so all the holiday travelers, including ours, will be safe.

Luke came yesterday. At 7:30 AM I presented him with a long list on yellow legal-size paper. When I returned at 3:30 after teaching, he seemed mystified. “I worked all day long and it seems as if I got nothing visible done,” he said apologetically.

I started to laugh. I was almost relieved to have someone else experience my frustration. “That is how all my days go.”

However all the sheep fencing is rolled and tied and put away, the lumber in the garage has been re-stacked, the mudroom is organized, the lawn mowers are stored for the winter. It is so soothing to me to have some basic order restored after the hectic chaos of this fall.

Today while I am teaching, Luke will swing a pick-axe to try to break the frozen ground to set our four door posts.

The three-page list still waits, but in this pressured time I am learning to celebrate the smallest progress.


2 Responses to Storm Moving In

  1. Eumaeus says:

    might try building a fire there on the ground, instead of or in addition to swinging the pick

    sounds like he got a lot done.

    highly visible tasks are good for the soul

  2. “I worked all day long and it seems as if I got nothing visible done,”
    Thank you for writing down those sentiments and my frustration as well.

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