A Happy Thanksgiving!

Hochshartners - NCS Thanksgiving 2013 - 1

We had a very happy Thanksgiving. Though the holiday is one of the biggest work events of the school year (it is a two-day parent event, so there are usually several hundred people at the feast), this year our family had extra cause to celebrate.

The day before, Jon announced his engagement to a wonderful girl, Amanda; and Amanda and her mother Judy joined us for the holiday. Here we all are before the crowds poured into the dining room.

Jon and Amanda attended school together in Virginia as small children and after seventeen years connected again this summer through Facebook.

Here they are in kindergarten. The class is setting out on “the Oregon Trail.” Jon is the fearless leader, adjusting his map in his belt. Amanda is the cutie in the pinafore and bonnet, keeping her eye on him.


Now, though a wedding is in the unspecified future, they have decided to tackle life’s trail together.


We couldn’t be more pleased and happy.


2 Responses to A Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Jay Ward says:

    Congrats on the engagement! That’s excellent news and surely something to be thankful for. My best to Jon and Amanda.

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