Still Gainin’


Yesterday by chore time and darkness at 4 PM, I had finished framing windows and nailing up siding on the long west wall of the barn addition. I was very pleased.

Also sore.

The west wall sits on a three-foot slope of gravel that is covered with ice. I slipped and fell many times, once spectacularly, when in my automatic effort to protect the nail gun I landed in such a way that I thought I might have torn out the muscles in my left shoulder.


I lay on the ice breathing heavily for a minute. It is times like these that I realize that tears are mostly a communication device. I rarely cry when I hurt myself when I’m alone. I just sprawled there, catching my breath and hoping the damage to my shoulder wasn’t too terrible. It wasn’t. Merely badly wrenched. (I’m very stiff today.) I picked myself up and went on.

When the falling wet snow grew thick, I moved the sawing operation from my truck tailgate to under the roof. The day before, when Luke and I had put up the first wall of siding, we’d clutched ourselves in glee. “We have a building with a wall!

Now I felt the same giddy delight. “I have an indoors!


With darkness falling so early, I have approximately 45 minutes of daylight after work each day. My hope is that I can cut a board or two every day and finish the last, north wall by next weekend. That north wall boasts not only angles and a slope but a 6000-volt electric fence 18″ below, so it will be a little trickier, even with the fence turned off. Still, I ought to be able to cut and nail up a couple of boards a day.


Over Christmas vacation I hope to pick up the windows and install them, and frame, build, and hang the three dutch doors.

It’s hard to express the relief and even joy I feel, slowly getting this project accomplished after all this time.

6 Responses to Still Gainin’

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Selden, I keep a bag of cat litter handy to spread on the ice. You are lucky that you didn’t knock yourself out! How about crampons for your boots? The addition looks terrific….

  2. Shawn Hoff says:

    I worked hard enough this weekend that I’m stiff and sore, too. Then I get on here and you make me feel like a slacker! LOL You’re doing a great job. I only wish I could lend you a hand and take some pressure off. Shawn

  3. viola says:

    Just to let u know I look 4ward to reading your Blog everytime I get that “ding” u got mail frm Fairhope …
    We live on a farm also much work and we never ever catch up ,just a way of life 😉 ……Viola

  4. Michele says:

    The addition looks great! I wish I had such talent.

  5. Michelle Canfield says:

    Amazing progress, it looks awesome!

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Thank you all so much. Michele, I really don’t have much of any talent/skill, as any of the guys I have worked with can tell you. I only have blind determination. Slowly over the years I have learned to use various tools, but I am far from a natural. I still prefer to use screws when I can, so that my many mistakes can be easily undone! 🙂

      Viola, it is very true that you never catch up. It seems as if it was only the other day that I was sweating to fill holes in the barn with gravel and already the animals are digging fresh ones to get comfy!

      Thank you, Shawn and Michelle!

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