Inching Forward Again on the Apartment

It’s been a long time since I made any progress on finishing the farm apartment for renting. Family members lived in it for five months last year, and even when it was empty I didn’t have the mental energy to organize my thoughts into a coherent plan — nor the hours to invest in working on a project. So it has sat there, the occasional cluster fly buzzing at the window, waiting for me to get back on track.

The apartment entry had a plain concrete floor (due to the layout, it is actually a division of the garage floor). In all the construction the concrete had become stained and ugly.

Two years ago I had chosen a basic tile for the entry at Lowe’s. I’d researched laying tile. I had the instructions printed in a folder. But I had no time, and recently my energy had become mired in a feeling of hopelessness.

A few weeks ago I ran into Allen’s young nephew at a gas station. I knew who he was only because of the name on the truck panel. Ed owns a flooring business.

Stop stewing and take action, a voice in my brain commanded.

But the money! another voice automatically objected.

If it gets you out of this funk, the money will be worth it.

I heard myself asking if Ed would be interested in giving me an estimate. He would — and it was quite reasonable.

The next time I was passing through the big city I raced into Lowe’s and bought four heavy boxes of tile. I also discovered that one advantage of being over-scheduled was that I chose the color for the epoxy grout with only a minimum of anguish. No time to dither.

Ed tiled the entry in two half-days. He did a lovely job. Here it is drying with an oil heater:


And here it is, cured and ready for traffic. The entry bench is a small antique church pew I found very cheaply on Craigslist.


I still need to sand and stain the under-the-stair cupboard doors, paint the fire door to my workshop, install a handrail up the stairs, hang living room curtains, fit some trim, and build a fire escape off the deck.

But having this small stretch of floor clean and finished for the holiday is a great pick-me-up.


3 Responses to Inching Forward Again on the Apartment

  1. Marie says:

    Tile is usually the best choice. Durable and attractive! Well done!

  2. Faith says:

    The list is necessary for me to see what need to be done, but its length can be so immobilizing for me! Like you have done, if I focus on one aspect of the list it is so much easier to move forward. I’m glad you are back, I’ve missed your blog. Merry Christmas!

  3. Newly says:

    You have wonderful taste. We chose the same/similar tiles for our kitchen. 🙂

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