Perfect Presents


In our rural area I do all my Christmas shopping by mail order. Since delivery is often erratic, this can be so anxiety-provoking that I barely notice what I, in turn, receive. However now that the shredded wrapping paper has been cleared away and we’ve moved on from turkey leftovers with all the trimmings to a giant vat of turkey soup, I can register that I was given perfect gifts.

I have a large stack of used books (what bliss!), lovely photos of a family reunion with my siblings, and the twin Stanley sawhorses shown above.

These sawhorses may seem insubstantial — they are plastic and only weigh about ten pounds combined. They would not hold up in a heavy construction project. However they should be perfect for the many small, quick jobs I tackle day to day.

When not in use the sawhorses fold to hang on the wall, which is important to me in my workshop where everything from lumber to tools to livestock fencing vies for floor space. Finally, they have slots into which you can slide 2x4s to create a work deck. The promotional photo is a bit silly:

61a+soo5UEL._SL1004_Who works like this? Still, you get the idea. With two 2x4s and a scrap of plywood you have a table.

Today I will use the sawhorses as a base to trim, sand, and stain the under-the-stairs closet doors. This will be a marked improvement over using the top of my chest freezer.

Progress! I am excited.



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