Mindfulness and My Lack Thereof


I am generally lost in thought. I am daydreaming, or making to-do lists, or otherwise mentally preoccupied. This can be a helpful feature — on long drives, when mucking deep bedding or shoveling gravel for hours, or at any time when it’s nice to be able to switch off one’s attention.

Unfortunately, I often forget to switch that attention back on. I misplace everything. Over this vacation I have mislaid my work gloves, my iPod Shuffle, and my cell phone. I’ve found the gloves. The rest remain mysteriously vanished.

My husband has given me the same patient, encouraging lecture for thirty years. “If you could just make yourself put your purse in the same place each time you come into the house —”

He is a different breed. The poor man doesn’t realize that I don’t always notice coming into the house.


2 Responses to Mindfulness and My Lack Thereof

  1. Sue says:

    Oh my gosh! I am not alone! My husband often quotes the same line to me. He made a “cell phone” label and adhered it to the shelf by the front door. Still, I forget to use it. I have often said that I need a pretty necklace to lasso all my necessities: purse, keys, reading glasses, and phone; unfortunately, that would actually require a heavy duty cable and I am certain that it, too, would go missing.

  2. adkmilkmaid says:

    Long ago, an old friend once suggested I wear my office keys on a ring in my nose. 🙂 The good news is: I found my phone. Still no sign of the Shuffle. I’m worried I emptied my coverall pockets absentmindedly — I always carry shopping bags for walking the dog — and threw it out in the trash!

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