By the end of the day, I have to laugh.

Hearing me announce to the world that my life was tightly scripted, God decided I was ready for improv. In my first class, the documentary video (scrupulously set up and timed to the second) did not work. Quick! Ad-lib for fifteen minutes! For my third class, the necessary materials did not arrive. Duck out of lunch early, sketch on the whiteboard, and prepare to vamp!

By 3 PM the temperature, 8° above at morning chores, had dropped to 10° below. When I got to the barn, the barn water hydrant was frozen solid. Think fast! By 6 PM all the animals were safely inside munching hay, and after carrying a dozen buckets from the paddock water trough (banging doors, blowing snow, current windchill advisory of -40° F, splashed coveralls instantly encased in ice), by the time I left chores I had the hydrant thawed and repaired. I just drove back to the farm to check the repair — sometimes hydrants loosen up later and I didn’t want a lake of ice all over the barn floor.

* * I am whispering this very quietly: So far, so good. * *


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