Interrupted Plans

todayHeading to Plattsburgh this morning after chores to buy mastitis meds for Moxie. On the way I will drop a milk sample from the bad teat at my vet 45 minutes away. The “milk” is not white but almost clear with a yellow-red tinge, and there is little of it. I hope the sample is enough and that they will run the test on a weekend. Moxie’s rear right quarter feels as if it has a baseball inside. It must be very sore, poor girl.

It’s hard not to feel as if my day will be wasted driving for hours when I have so many chores to do. When mastitis first crossed my mind I had considered ordering the meds online, but they are ruined by freezing and in our current frigid temps I couldn’t risk it.

Of course the day is not wasted if I can take Moxie’s pain away. I will also do my best to catch my ewe Geranium at morning chores (easier to trap her going out than pull her out of the flock coming in, when I’d have to hook her sore leg with a crook). I am hoping Geranium’s problem is just a sprain from slipping on ice, but if she has any issue requiring meds it will also be good to be heading to the vet and farm store.

I am giving myself this pep talk to drown out the silent reproaches of my two-page Weekend List.

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