Sunshine Come Back Another Day


I am re-posting this photo from 2013 to remind myself that the sun does shine here. Reportedly it was glimpsed for ninety minutes on Saturday, but I was in the car then and missed its brief appearance. By the time I got back from my shopping trip, the clouds had closed over again and snow was blowing sideways.

It’s hard sometimes to stay cheerful in the winter gloom. Day after day of grey skies. Cold. Ice. A landscape drained of color, with a bitter wind. Often just driving ten miles down from this high bowl of mountains will bring you to entirely different weather. We refer to the surrounding lowland hamlets of Wilmington, Keene Valley, and Jay as “the banana belt.” They are still high and chilly, but they are brighter and warmer than here. However, as previously mentioned, I rarely go anywhere.

According to my notes, up here in the High Peaks we had sunny days December 7 and December 20. No wonder locals refer to these rare flashes of sun as “bluebird days” — one’s spirits instantly soar.

At the moment, I’m tired and could use the lift.

Cascade Mountain from the back field, 12/7/14

Cascade Mountain from the back field, 12/7/14

2 Responses to Sunshine Come Back Another Day

  1. Missy says:

    keep smiling. isn’t your mid winter (summer) holiday coming up soon?
    Missy 🙂

    • adkmilkmaid says:

      Hi Missy! Yes, we have a two-week vacation in March and as it happens all my family will be away and I am already thinking about what exciting projects I will get up to! 🙂

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