Another Weather Ricochet

Last night it was 14° F at chores. By 4 AM it had risen to 25° and was snowing. Now the temperature is dropping fast, and with the change we have gusts of 30 mph. It is 19° and will be 5° by the time I finish teaching at 3 PM. It will be -20 to -25° tonight.

The barn creaked in the wind at morning chores. I considered leaving the animals inside, but they are restive when they are cooped up, and tend to be more philosophical about weather than I am. Moreover, it’s currently not very cold and they have a big run-in shelter to get out of the wind. So I turned them all out.


Moxie and Dorrie were soon chasing breakfast that skittered away from them.


Soon all the cattle and sheep had given up and were munching on the flakes spread in front of the run-in, relatively sheltered from the wind.


After school I’ll hurry down to bring them all in to clean dry stalls.

In the meantime, after a blessed three-day break, we’re back to the usual Adirondack scenery.



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