No Snowstorm Here

As this is a small northern mountain town utterly dependent on ski tourism, everyone has been watching warnings of the “epic” blizzard dumping snow on downstate New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island with glum envy.

Here we have the road equipment and would welcome the snowfall (not me, particularly, but I’d be happy for the locals). However, so far nary a flake.

We are due to receive a scant few inches. Clouds have moved in and warmed us up to a cozy 0° F, with 30 mph wind gusts.

At these temperatures, my barn cat Flossie prefers to curl up in the loose chaff in the hayloft to sleep.


Only when it is colder than about -15° does Flossie bother to climb down the ladder to snooze in her rubber feed tub lined with a heating pad in the tack room.


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