Still Cold

-20° F this morning. Truck dead again, water frozen. For the past few days I have been waking up at 2:30 AM, worrying about all my undone work for teaching and for the farm. I try to make myself stay in bed until 3. Then coffee and lists.

I have been lucky. Every day recently it has been — just barely — warm enough (the tipping point seems to be about 7°) by afternoon chores for the paddock water hydrant to thaw briefly. Every evening I fill the trough.

I am stressed but I remind myself that any day I don’t have to carry 800 pounds of water is a good day.

One Response to Still Cold

  1. Missy says:

    Sorry to hear your to do list is still intimidating…I really hate that.

    Now I’m just trying to think outside the box and this might be a really dumb idea coming from someone living in practically a heat wave compared to your icy climate … but is the barn close enough to the house that you could keep a hose inside in the warmth of the house and unfurl it daily to fill the barn troughs from the (presumably unfrozen) house water?

    LIke I said, it might be a totally useless idea but perhaps less stressful than worrying and chipping through ice?

    Hope your lists are helping…

    best wishes from the warm and summery Missy 🙂

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