Yesterday our high was 3° F but it felt much colder due to wind. The truck was stone dead, not even clicking when I turned the key. The cattle were eager to go out after a day cooped up in the barn, but their breath froze in spikes on their whiskers and after they drank thirstily at the water trough I could not refill it. The water hydrant was frozen solid despite the heat tape.

There is a winter storm warning for up to 14 inches of snow tomorrow (we have to get Lucy back to school tomorrow) and temperatures down to -30° on and off this week (I have lambs due any day). Curriculum maps for two courses are overdue. Lucy’s financial aid forms must be submitted in two weeks, which means I must complete our taxes now. There are parent conferences, lessons to prepare, homework to correct, and two evening movies to screen for students.

It’s all do-able. I can problem-solve, make lists, tick items off. I can carry water. I can set up for lambing. I can grease the cows’ udders with Vaseline to protect them from frostbite. I can make an appointment for the truck in town and figure out rides back and forth. However as I fold towels and unload the dishwasher I can feel the pulse tapping in my temple.



One Response to Pushed

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    Oh, man, I’m feeling stressed just reading about it! I hope you’re able to get through it all and everyone keeps warm, safe, and watered–especially the new lambs!

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