Snow Day for Lulu

Yesterday was an anxious day, working on my lists and listening to my computer chirping to warn of the snowstorm on its way. WINTER STORM WARNING. 6-14″ of snow! Hazardous conditions! Stay off the roads!

We had to get Lucy back to school in New Hampshire and I kept making and discarding plans to keep them safe. My final thought was that DH and Lucy would leave at 4 AM today in an attempt to outrace the storm. However updates kept rolling back the estimated start of the blizzard, from 7 AM, to 5 AM, to 1 AM. My stomach was in a nervous knot all day. DH was as imperturbable as ever. He was sure it would be fine.

My elderly friend Allen called from town. “I figured you was on your way back to New Hampshire today.”

“No, they’re leaving in the morning.”

“Can’t go tomorrow, gonna be a big storm.”

“I know! I’m worried sick.”

“Gotta put your foot down.” There was a small silence. Allen knows I am hopeless at putting my foot down. “I guess I gotta come out there and talk sense into him,” he said gruffly. Then he gave a wheezy chuckle. “Course I’d have to bring my oxygen tank!”

Luckily for my peace of mind, at 3 PM Lucy’s school sent out an email canceling Tuesday’s classes and urging everyone not to travel during the storm. DH will take her back tomorrow, when it is due to be clear.

I am still behind on all my work. The truck is still dead and the hydrant still frozen. I will have to carry twenty buckets of water this morning. However the release from sick dread is a gift.

Let it snow.


-3° and a half inch of blowing snow per hour


2 Responses to Snow Day for Lulu

  1. Jack says:

    I can’t tell you why your hydrant is freezing, but I can tell you that a heat tape needs to insulated and wrapped with some thing keep the wind and moisture away. The tape alone is useless.

  2. adkmilkmaid says:

    Thank you — I have wrapped the hydrant in foam pipe insulation but it hasn’t fixed the problem.

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