Survival Mode


My barn cat, Flossie, winding herself around the chest of my gander while purring. Andy White is bemused. He is accustomed to more deference, even from the cattle.

I worked all weekend without ceasing and only accomplished half my list. So much paperwork is overdue, or due next weekend. My heart pounds as I contemplate getting through this week, juggling it all, with dropping lambs as a wild card.

The weather has hovered between zero and 7°, but a temperature inversion in the mountains has caused freezing rain despite the cold. Last night the cattle hurried into the barn, encased in ice from whiskers to tails. The truck and roads are coated and slick. The water hydrant remains frozen. Next weekend we return to -25° temperatures.

Make new lists. Breathe in, breathe out. Onward!

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