A Great Compliment

I got a lovely compliment from a child today. A fellow teacher was kind enough to pass it on.

Her seventh graders have just finished reading the book To Kill A Mockingbird. As she collected the children’s tests, the teacher mentioned to the class that Harper Lee was publishing another novel, featuring Scout Finch as an adult.

“What do you suppose Scout would be like, as a grown-up?” she asked.

One boy raised his hand. “I think Scout would be like Selden.”

“Really? How?”

“Well, you know, kind of wearing old clothes and overalls, and being very open-minded.”

How I wish my mother were alive, to tell her. She was the original Scout and she would have enjoyed it.




2 Responses to A Great Compliment

  1. Shawn H says:

    That is absolutely awesome. No matter what’s frozen or unfinished, you’ve impacted a child in an amazing way! Well done. 🙂

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