Out of the Jug


All three sets of twins and their mamas are now out of jugs and in the matron stall. This is a relief. I’ve been anxiously watching Georgie, who should be next to lamb, and wondering where I would put her if she lambed before I had a jug free.

According to my records, Georgie was bred the day before Bess. She is now four days overdue (based on a 147-day gestation). Bess lambed at 145 days. From Georgie’s girlish figure, it appears that she is likely carrying a single lamb.

Twins are the obvious hope of any shepherd, and so far — six lambs from three ewes! — I’ve been successful. However, looking at the remaining pregnant girls, I imagine I may reap mostly singles from now on.

My ewe Bess continues to be a lackadaisical mother, not answering her babies’ anxious cries when they first were turned into the larger stall, more intent on eating than parenting. However the lambs have learned to find her among the other ewes and pursue her until their bellies are full.

Thankfully the paddock hydrant thawed briefly last evening and I was able to refill the water trough. It was 5° F this morning at 4 AM but in an unusual reversal the temperature is dropping with the approaching daylight. It’s now 0° and will get colder all day.

I am going to try to jump-start my truck this morning — though, reading the predicted temperatures down to -30° through next weekend, there is a sense of futility. A mechanic tested the truck’s electrical system and said it is working fine. It appears that the new battery installed in September was faulty. The dealer who installed the bad battery is half an hour away and addressing the problem will have to wait.

Friends have posted on Facebook official reports that the “feels like” temperature tonight with windchill will be nearly -50° F. I have hung a heat lamp in the lamb creep for the coming week, just in case.


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