It is 20° below zero this morning but it is the windchill that is frightening. -52° F.

The wind is relentless, scouring the land, lifting the snow into the air in thick white veils though it is not snowing. Its reach is viciously cold. I had the big door open for half an hour to muck the barn yesterday afternoon and in that short time the water hydrant inside the barn froze solid. When I checked the animals at 9:30 last night they looked up mildly from their hay, snug in their stalls. As the wind battered the walls I was grateful for the solid barn I built with Jon, Brenden, and Dean back in 2006.

I worked all weekend and last night I finished the pile of paperwork that was due yesterday just before midnight, a few minutes under the wire. There are gaps but I can amend them in the coming days.

At suppertime we heard the tragic news that a friend’s husband died of a heart attack yesterday after shoveling out his truck, stuck in the snow. He was not much older than I am. His daughter, one of Lucy’s oldest friends, found him and tried to revive him with CPR, to no avail. Today is her 18th birthday. My heart aches for her and for the whole family. There is so much sorrow in the world.

This winter feels merciless.


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