The Streak Continues


A fourth set of twins! My ewe Cranberry gave birth to a nice-sized ram and ewe pair yesterday afternoon.

After keeping Georgie jugged for five days, I had concluded that Georgie had not taken on her breeding date, and let her out. Cranberry was next on the schedule. I had planned to pull Cranberry into the jug yesterday. Instead she lambed in the confusion of the big stall.

Cranberry is almost three, a daughter of my old ewe Blackberry, and not at all tame. By the calendar, she was due today. I had thought I would put her in the jug yesterday morning. However the flock has managed to open my clever dividing gate in the big stall β€” let us pause for a deep sigh! β€” so they are now mixed in a big bunch with a long flight zone. The moment she saw my crook at morning chores Cranberry had squirmed into the mass to get away from me and I had decided not to panic her. I would move her at evening chores.

When I arrived, however, I discovered the lambs had arrived before me. They were up and dry, but cold. Luckily when I picked them up Cranberry followed and hopped right into the jug.

She is a fine mother. Not quite as perfect as Geranium, but still very good. I am happy when ewes hear their lambs cry and immediately call back reassurance β€” the best ewes do it even while eating hay, so it sounds like someone gargling with her mouth full. (Bess continues to ignore her lambs, who cry anyway and scamper after her.)

The photos were taken at the 9 PM double-check.


Though Cranberry is extremely nervous around me, all seems well.

I’m very pleased with this 200% lambing rate but don’t expect it to continue.

2 Responses to The Streak Continues

  1. Shawn H says:

    That’s great. You definitely deserve a “good” streak.

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