Vacation Day


frosted summer cobwebs in the hayloft

Yesterday was the first official day of my school spring break. DH and Lucy are both away, Lucy to ski in the Junior Nationals for a week and DH on a business trip to California for two weeks.

I wrote my last advisor letter, did barn chores morning and evening, and started digging a path to the farm apartment through the three feet of drifted snow. But apart from that, I did almost nothing. I read for almost four hours in the middle of the day, lying on my bed.

I was trying to remember the last time I took a day off. I think it was in March of 2013, when the kids and I were in Florida with Joanne and my only decisions were when we would walk to the pool and which of us was cooking dinner. Yesterday felt a bit like Florida, lazy and unstructured. No time pressure, no deadlines.

I have an ambitious list of work planned for this vacation, however, so today it’s back to buckling down. Thirteen days left.



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