Brain Freeze

This has been a tough week. The next few days will be tougher. Ten hours in the car tomorrow to go to a funeral in Connecticut. Sunday we have staff meetings and boarding students return. Ten hours in the car Monday to take Lucy back to school in New Hampshire. Both days I will be milking before dawn and when I get home late at night.

Last night DH’s flight home was canceled and all previously made plans had to change. This morning at 5:45 I took Lucy to town to catch a ride to a ski race. The shearer comes at 9:30 and I’m about to go do chores and set up the barn, find the hoof shears, the wormer, the drench syringe. I have to plan lessons for my students to do in my absence on Monday. I am waiting to hear from the lab in Oregon about Dorrie’s mastitis and best treatment options. I have to pack funeral clothes for myself and for DH. I have to drop the dog at the vet to board for the weekend.

So much to organize and accomplish — for some reason my thinking seems slow, almost gelid. Maybe I’m just tired. It’s hard to even make the list. I seem to have a bit of brain freeze.


One Response to Brain Freeze

  1. Missy says:

    Any news on Dorrie’s mastitis?

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