-10° Again This Morning


This photo was shot by my neighbor, Sue, yesterday. It is a color photograph — beautiful for November but unspeakably dreary for spring. It was 14° and snowed all day, bringing six fresh inches. Last night it cleared and the temperature plunged to ten below zero.

We’re due for a warming trend. The week should see classic maple-sugaring weather: cold nights and warmer days. I am desperately looking forward to it. But at the moment I am tired. I have so much work and though I don’t stop working, I don’t seem to make much progress anywhere.

My ewe Pixie is no longer at death’s door — after the Bo-Se shot, she’s on her feet, eating tentatively and swaying like a drunken sailor — but I still have no idea what was/is wrong with her and which of the many treatments I have tried have or haven’t helped her. Another disease option: listeriosis? She fits many of the symptoms but if it were listeriosis she should be dead by now. Experienced shepherds (one married to a veterinarian) are baffled.”Whatever is going on with her is not a common problem or typical in any way; I’d be willing to bet you could spend $500 in vet bills and probably still not know for sure what is going on.” It has been said that I’ve done everything I can do. I can’t accept that. After dinner every night I keep searching on the internet.

Meanwhile it is hard to remain patient with the minor daily snafus. Two weeks ago, upgrading my operating system on the computer disabled iPhoto. After wasting hours in search of a fix — there are printed howls of rage all over the internet — I finally called Apple. They apologized and walked me through the chore. I should have paid more attention when the technician said, with a nervous laugh, “Don’t worry if you don’t like this new version of iPhoto. We’re about to replace it altogether.” Gee, I definitely don’t like it. Now every time I upload a photograph, iPhoto crashes the browser. I can upload a photo if I’m willing to toggle between browsers and restart after every crash.

But at the same time, WordPress (on which this blog is written) has changed its posting experience. Some creative genius decided to “upgrade” the design to something visually arty — believe it or not, when one saves a post, bubbles appear, and the words “beep! bop! boop!” followed by “Lookin’ good!” However the new editing platform is nearly useless to anyone actually hoping to write. For a while, users were able to manually return to the classic editor. Recently, that option was removed. Again, there are howls of rage. Perhaps WordPress will pay attention, perhaps not. However between the two issues it now takes me two to three times as long to write a blog post.

Time is something I don’t have right now.

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