I’m Gainin’ on ‘Em

In one of our first exchanges back in 2006, my future friend Allen was working with an excavator around the barn site while I knelt in the dirt struggling to cut off 18 Sonotubes level to the lines we’d marked with a laser. My job was tedious, fiddly (a fight to keep the hand saw straight across the middle of the tube) and seemed to take forever. I was hot and bug-bitten and cross. Allen drove by and shouted to me encouragingly with his big grin, “You’re gainin’ on ’em!”

Now I am tired and sad and cross. However, I am forcing myself to tackle the items on my long list one by one. Even crossing off something small makes me feel better. I may be overwhelmed, the list may be too long, the results may not be perfect. But I’m gainin’ on ’em, and that’s a good thing.

I saw my first bluebird of the summer at evening chores yesterday. It’s due to be 45° and rainy with high winds for most of this week.


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